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Amie’s Pepper Jelly

March 17, 2010 by  
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Last fall, I went to a friend’s party and enjoyed a new and delightful appetizer: a spicy, sweet¬†gelatin-type sauce over cream cheese served with crackers. I had originally thought it was salsa, but then found out after asking my friend that it was something called Pepper Jelly. I had never heard of this before. What […]

Thanks, Heath Calhoun

March 12, 2010 by  
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I watched a story tonight on NBC news about the athlete who will be carrying the United States flag for the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games. His name is Heath Calhoun and his story is quite remarkable. Not only is he an amazing skier who can zip down the slopes on his specially designed mono-ski, but […]

Smokehouse Pizza & BBQ

March 11, 2010 by  
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Tonight after yoga, I went out with a good friend of mine to the¬†Smokehouse Pizza & BBQ–the new location on Univ Ave. I was a little concerned that the BBQ wouldn’t be up-to-par since my friend–who’s a southern boy–would have very discriminating tastes and I was the one who suggested this restaurant. Eeek. However, we […]

Chocolate Mug Cake — in 5 minutes or less!

March 11, 2010 by  
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My mom emailed this recipe to me the other day and I just had to try it to see if it would work. It did! It’s extremely easy to make, uses ingredients you’re likely to have sitting around your kitchen, and the end result is mighty tasty. In my opinion, it’s way too big of […]

Roots of Meaningful Relationships

March 9, 2010 by  
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Roots of Meaningful Relationships, Music and the Spoken Word, March 7 2010

Jobs of Yesteryear

March 8, 2010 by  
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I just read this article found on NPR’s website. I wonder what jobs will be obsolete in the future? Full text can be found here: Jobs of Yesteryear.

Spicy Corea

March 7, 2010 by  
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I adore trying cuisine from different parts of the world. Years ago, I used to frequently dine at new restaurants as part of my job as an entertainment writer for America Online. That’s actually when I discovered my love for many different types of food: Ethiopian, Indian, Thai, Japanese, etc. etc. etc. The list goes […]

Talents to Share

March 7, 2010 by  
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Talents to Share, Music & the Spoken Word, February 28, 2010

If I had only three days to see

March 2, 2010 by  
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Pondering Over Life’s Blessings…. Years ago, while researching my book on Helen Keller, I found this speech that she gave at the Utah School for the Deaf in 1934. Yes, she gave it. Yes, she wrote it. It’s a beautiful piece and was a real treasure to find. It sure helps me appreciate the simple […]

Heath Bar Cake

February 15, 2010 by  
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This dessert has other names…but I choose to call it by its most “family friendly” title: Heath Bar Cake. You can also use Skor bars or Skor bar baking bits (found by the chocolate chips in the grocery store). I made this recently for a friend’s birthday. Heath Bar Cake 1 chocolate cake mix (any […]

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