A “Short” Cut to Success

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Over the years, I have had the wonderful opportunity of attending four Highlights Foundation Workshops. My first one was in October 2007 and my last one was in September 2012. Each one has been an absolute delight. At each workshop, … Continued

Independence Rock….

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On a roadtrip to South Dakota in 2012, we drove across nearly the entire state of Wyoming. Along the way, we noticed on the map the names of some famous landmarks from US history. One was Independence Rock. Not only … Continued

Mountain of Presidents….

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In May 2012, I crossed another item off my “bucket list.” Well, make that two items, actually, because I got to visit  both South Dakota’s Black Hills AND Mount Rushmore all in one fell swoop. Although, I don’t see how … Continued

Dreaming of London….

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Last summer, I had the opportunity to visit London for the very first time. All this coverage of the Olympics has brought back a lot of great memories of this trip across the pond. 🙂 I went with my brother … Continued

A fun find….

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Today, I was searching around online and ran across a review of my book, The Declaration of Independence in Translation which was published by Capstone Press in 2009. This review was written just 3 days ago from when I’m writing … Continued