Writing Advice Tip #2: Write Daily & Study the Masters

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amie's officeWRITE DAILY

If you want to become a better pianist, cellist, harpist, or vocalist, you have to spend a significant amount of time practicing. The same is true with writing. If you want to become a better writer, YOU MUST WRITE! Spend some time¬†writing every day. Write in a journal or diary. Find random topics online that you’re interested in and research them fully and then write about them as if you were telling this newly found knowledge to a good friend. Instead of surfing around on Facebook or playing random games online, doodle and brainstorm ideas in a notebook. Everybody has a story to tell. Write yours. Even if it’s as simple as describing the cotton candy clouds that billow over a mountain range at sunrise, the sound of crunchy autumn leaves that crackle under your feet as you walk along a tree-lined lane, or the sweet dialogue or experiences you have with a special person in your life. Any amount of time you spend writing and describing the random details in your life will help you become a better writer.


I have also found that a way to improve your writing is to study other people’s writing. I like to include descriptive phrases, imagery, similes, metaphors, etc. in my writing. So, I search out writers who are particularly good at that and I study their work. I make notes of things that I like and I try to incorporate these ideas into my own writing. One of my favorite authors is Lucy Maud Montgomery. Her descriptions, her imagery, her word choice is delightful and by reading her words I feel inspired to use her mastered techniques in my own writing as well.¬†So, think about your own style and the types of authors you really admire and start studying their works. As you read, jot down things you really like so you’ll remember them later on when you write your next entry in your writing journal.