A “Short” Cut to Success

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highlights shortcutOver the years, I have had the wonderful opportunity of attending four Highlights Foundation Workshops. My first one was in October 2007 and my last one was in September 2012. Each one has been an absolute delight. At each workshop, I have made lifelong friends from around the country, have learned new techniques and skills related to all aspects of writing, and have come home each time with a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm to improve in my writing career. I highly recommend these workshops to ANYONE who is interested in writing. They are held in the beautiful Poconos mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania in a cozy and relaxing setting. The Highlights staff treats you like family and I promise that after just one workshop you will dream of the time you’ll get to come back “home” to Highlights. I know I have felt that way each time I have attended.

Because of my great love for Highlights and the Foundation Workshops, I was so excited in January 2013 when I was called by one of the editors at Highlights and asked to be a member of the faculty for a workshop in October 2013. I have happily anticipated this workshop all year! Now, October is in just a few days and my debut as a workshop leader is right around the corner. I’m super excited to be part of this dynamic team and hope that those who attend A “Short” Cut to Success have as much fun at this workshop as I have had at all the ones I have attended. 🙂

To find out more about what this workshop has to offer and see if there are still spaces available, check out the Highlights Foundation Workshop website in the following link. Also, there are MANY other workshops offered by the foundation. So, if this particular one doesn’t sound of interest to you, check out their other listings. They schedule workshops all year long and even have what they call “un-workshops” where you can just come to NE PA, hang out in your own private cabin in the woods, eat great food, and write. Yeah, that’s pretty much a writer’s dream come true!