Spicy Corea

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I adore trying cuisine from different parts of the world. Years ago, I used to frequently dine at new restaurants as part of my job as an entertainment writer for America Online. That’s actually when I discovered my love for many different types of food: Ethiopian, Indian, Thai, Japanese, etc. etc. etc. The list goes on and on.

As of late, one of my recent favorite cuisines is Korean. The other night, I tried a new restaurant with some friends in downtown Provo called Spicy Corea. Then, last night, I went there again with a local dinner group (obscure dining) hosted by my friend, Clinton. I would link to the restaurant’s official website here; but as is often the case with little privately owned eateries, they don’t have one. So, here’s a review page instead: Spicy Corea.

This restaurant is fantastic. The food is delicious (kimchi jigae and bibimbap are two of my favs). The atmosphere is clean, contemporary, and hip. And best of all, the prices are extremely reasonable.

The owners of Spicy Corea are friendly and the service is attentive. I particularly enjoy visiting locally-owned eateries instead of national chains. There’s nothing quite like the service you get from the owner of an establishment who really wants to build his business rather than some yahoo hourly employee who could care in the least if you return. 🙂

I’m spreading the word in the hopes that this place gets lots of business and is able to stay open for many years to come! If you’re in the Provo area, seriously go check this place out!