A House of Order

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So, the month of February is actually Time Management Month. Well, according to the Chase Calendar of Events that is. (Fun little resource, btw, for those of you who like to know about interesting and zany holidays.)

With that in mind, I’ve really tried to make some improvements in the way I spend my time this last month. There’s still a lot I need to work on, but at least I’m moving in the right direction.

I read this article today about managing time and eliminating activities that don’t help you meet your goals. I particularly liked what he said about keeping your office and desk free from clutter. That’s such a hard thing to do on a regular basis especially when you have a million different projects going on at once. However, I can tell from personal experience that the times I have an orderly office and home are the times that my productivity increases dramatically. It’s all about having a “house of order.”

Check out this article. It’s targeted to writers, but really, anyone can benefit from the advice he gives. It’s a good one.

Simplify to Find Success