How to Convince Your Parents You Can Care for a Pet Chinchilla 

By Amie Jane Leavitt

Mitchell Lane, 2009


Review on the series “How to Convince Your Parents You Can Care For A….” by¬†Library Media Connection, February 2008:

This series gives readers the facts necessary to make an informed decision on whether an animal would be the right pet for them and suitable for their family. Each book describes how and where the animal lives in the wild and other information on the species such as how long it lives, how big it will get, and what food it eats. Readers learn how much care the animal will need as a pet including the space it needs, what to feed it, how to handle it, necessary health care, and other needs. Readers will learn that not all of these animals, such as the chimpanzee, make good pets. Color photos and larger print make this series an attention grabber to those students who not only may be considering these animals as pets, but also to use as a resource for research projects. “Find out more” pages are included. Glossary. Index. Recommended. — Susan Black