Emergency Aid (Charity & Philanthropy Unleashed)

By Amie Jane Leavitt

Mitchell Lane, 2014


From Midwest Book Review, November 2014

“Emergency Aid” is a color photo illustrated juvenile resource title from the Charity & Philanthropy Series for students age 9 and up. It presents well documented information on global disasters and responses, over a time line from 816 to 2014 AD. Five chapters and 41 pages cover statistics and organized (U. S. and other) responses to disasters such as forest fires, typhoons, wars, poverty, drought, famine, cyclones, earthquakes, and tornados. Key points are help with disaster preparation, Red Cross organization for relief and other established humanitarian groups, communication (ham radio to the rescue in chapter 4), reuniting with lost family, preparing for disaster and using U.S. troops for disaster relief. A list of What You Can Do to Help is given on page 42, along with a timeline of known historical disasters, suggestions for further reading including internet resources, and a glossary.