A Shoe-in in the Snow

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One of my goals for this winter was to try out snowshoeing. And tonight, I finally did it! I went with some friends up to Sundance Resort for its monthly Full Moon Snowshoe Tour. As the name implies, this event is held on weekend nights when there’s a full moon in the sky. Even though tonight was actually a little cloudy, there was still enough light coming from the heavens to navigate easily through the resort’s snowy alpine terrain. The scenery was spectacular. We were surrounded by frosting-covered sleek mountain peaks, spindly skeleton deciduous trees, needly pines, and, of course, plenty of crunchy snow. ย What a fantastically fun experience and a good workout. My favorite part: hiking up the steep grades to the top of the hills. I definitely want to go back and try out this activity again. I may even buy my own set of snowshoes. Yes, I had that much fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, can I just say that I seriously can’t believe I’ve spent the bulk of my life in a place with mountains and snow and I’m just barely trying out this winter sport activity. Seriously, that’s pathetic. This should have been done long ago. No more procrastinating and more doing. That’s my new motto.

A quote from my office wall:

Do not procrastinate a minute longer. Every moment is precious. Determine now that you will make of your lives something remarkable. –Joseph B. Wirthlin.

I’m not stopping with snowshoeing, either. I want to try out several more winter activities before the mountain snow has melted this year. My next stop on the winter sport tour: cross-country skiing. We’ll see how that one goes. ๐Ÿ™‚